ARITA KRITICOU POTAMITOU is the first Cypriot student to be authorised by KPJAYI, but she would never have you know it. And this discretion has been harnessed in her vision of The Shala. 
Growing up in ethereal CYPRUS – an island in the heart of the Mediterranean – Arita immersed herself in athletics. But it wasn’t until her University studies, that her fledgling asana yoga ambitions were ignited through a power yoga DVD. 

Arita was hooked and in 2012, she was grappling with a surprise influx of Ashtanga Yoga philosophies. Despite the lifts, jumps, folds, backbends and overpowering breathing, this was a soaring trajectory ready to be exposed, explored and transformed. It was so gravitational that it only took a couple of months before she finally took the plunge and made her first pilgrimage to MYSORE under the supervision of teacher and guru SHARATH JOIS. 
Ironically enough, she found the whole experience too intense and was certain that she’d never return to Mysore again. Within a month’s time of returning back home she realised that the seed had already been planted, the agni was burning fiercely and all she wanted to do was to be back under the watchful eye of her guru, despite the inauspicious beginnings. 

Her instincts proved correct; the choice landed her a level 1 KPJAYI authorisation and at just the age of 28, she was given the blessing to teach from her teacher Sharathji. Since then, she has been visiting her teacher, who is an advocate of the 4 d’s – DEDICATION, DISCIPLINE, DETERMINATION and DEVOTION. 

Arita's lack of pretension was fostered by her roots and upbringing, her practise of Ashtanga Yoga and the anchoring presence of her teacher. Arita has roamed, travelled, jumped between time-zones and still there's one place she will always be – The Shala. It feels natural. It feels home. And we're likely to find her there for lifetimes to come. This practise marked a turning point in Arita's life and the gifted teacher wishes to teach, motivate and inspire others to follow its echoes. 

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